Guardrails clamp and safety boards
Versatility of use

Protection an inclined edges


Guardrails clamp is part of a system of protective barriers used for safeguarding slab edges of the  formwork against falling people and objects . They are a universal solution – can be used for all slab systems and beams and slabs which have been completed. Guardrails clamps with a joint allow protection inclined edges, – e.g. the flights of stairs in staircases.

System features:

  • galvanized element
  • adjustment of range of extended distance up to 80cm
  • possibility to use as a barrier to the inclined elements by an articulated plate (e.g. staircases)
  • maximum spacing at slab edges 2.00 m

The safety boards  are used to protect the slab edges. They are slid into bushings which are  inserted into the concrete slab  during concreting. Post spacing may be up to 2 m. For handrails you should use boards with a lateral dimension of 150 x 30 mm.

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