Strenght up to 80 kN/m2



Speed and safety

PAL-S4 Formwork allows the execution of reinforced concrete columns of rectangular and square cross sections from 20 to 60 cm in 5 cm steps. Load capacity of fresh concrete pressure is 80 kN / m². The structure is made on the basis of the wings of a windmill which allows for quick and easy opening or closing the formwork, without disassembly. Facing is plastic, which ensures perfect concrete surface after disassembly.
The heights of panels are 300 and 100 cm.
Formwork PAL-S4 is equipped with a safety system consisting of a ladder and working platform. Elements are characterized by simplicity at the stage of erecting and are convenient in operation.
It is possible to move PAL-S4 formwork for short distances because of wheels without complete dismantling and using  the crane.

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