DSV Office, Warsaw
Oddział Centralny

An office and service building of the Danish company DSV, dealing with transport and logistics services, is being built in Mokotów district in Warsaw.

7 floors above ground and 2 underground with a total area of almost 34,000 m2 are built using the formwork systems: Alfa, Pal-20, ALU-DEC, ID 15, BK 180, Pal-SO, Alsipercha, Pal-MAX, Pal-BHP, Pal -BS and Superslim.

During construction a specially designed starter for a sloping column with a 78 degree inclination was used, which was compatible with the PAL-SO system.

At the planning stage, the PAL-MAX system was not assumed to support ceilings in diaphragm walls. As it turned out, it was necessary – as a support.