Yacht Park, Gdynia

Oddział Zachód

The Yacht Park complex is being built at Gdynia’s Fisherman’s Pier, consisting of 6 residential, commercial and service buildings connected by an underground garage.

Luxury apartments, modern yacht space and walking alley with boutiques and restaurants with a total area of over 13 thousand. m2 will make the Tri-City urban landscape more attractive.

The project involves the construction of external underground walls using diaphragm walls. The above-ground floors will have an unusual trapezoid shape, which is to ensure the best lighting of the apartments with daylight and a perfect view of the sea panorama.

Palisander delivers a lot of its formwork systems to the construction site – from the popular ALFA wall system, through the PAL-SO round and rectangular PAL-S4 post formwork, to the PAL-20, ID-15 and ALU-DEC systems. Each system is equipped with complete OHS protection.

It is worth noting that part of the ceilings were made using the ALU-DEC panel ceiling system. The system allows the formwork to be stripped even after two days of concreting. With the right building structure, this translates into a significant acceleration of work and cost optimization of additional elements.