Solar Morena, Gdańsk

Oddział Zachód

Palisander is a provider of formwork technology in the construction of the complex Solar Morena. Newly built objects have the 2 underground levels and 8 floors above ground. The total area of ceilings is approximately 30 thousand m².
Block and construction of buildings is not regular. The system of “envelope” ceilings in underground levels required use of custom solutions proposed by the project team Palisander to declines in the ceiling on the underside fit into the existing conditions. Interesting task was to make the walls of the exit to the garage, which in cross section have the shape of a trapezoid. The proposed solution of a system Mammut, allowed execution of the walls with the inclination of one edge without additional carpentry inserts.
The efficient formwork Mammut, climbing platform KBK 180 and PAL-BHP in the work of vertical and PAL-20 for the construction of ceilings as well as the actual presence of a technical advisor to support the contractor and timely logistics from Swarzędz to Gdansk ensured implementation of the work in accordance with the schedule.