CEDET, Warsaw

Oddział Centralny

The new CEDET is located in the very center of Warsaw, at the intersection of Krucza St., al. Jerozolimskie and Bracka St., it focuses the attention of all participants of the most important city artery. The building, which has been undergoing a metamorphosis for 3 years, is now at the end of the changes. The plan of combining tradition with modernity assumed the restoration and modernization of the building, maintaining its current shape and restoring the original façade.
The historic building of the former Central Department Store (formerly SMYK) after modernization is a 11-storey, top-class facility with a service, retail and office function, with a total usable area of 22,300 m². The office building will hold the BREEAM certificate at the Excellent level. This is another eco-friendly facility of this type made using the formwork systems provided by Palisander.
The main scope of works, apart from erecting walls with an emphasis on high quality of concrete surface – architectural concrete (ALFA wall system) and ceilings (PAL-20 gantry system), were atypical design solutions. The oblique circular poles were distinguished in terms of construction and execution. The project assumed various types of diameters and up to 9 angles of inclination relative to the ceiling. To implement these elements, Palisander engineers proposed 6 types of special formwork.