S17, Warsaw – Lublin

Oddział Centralny

The construction of the S17 expressway is another important road investment of recent years. The most interesting data about the project: the entire section of works – it is nearly 60 km and nearly 90 engineering objects, including 23 bridges and 45 viaducts. The investment is carried out with the participation of Palisander.
Most of the buildings, ie bridges, viaducts, and transitions were made in architectural concrete technology. The Alfa system provided by Palisander, due to the varied range of element heights (135 cm, 270 cm, 305 cm, 340 cm), allowed to adjust the regular “drawing” of the formwork frames and the spacing of holes for the stitch bars to the geometry of the abutments or pillars. Designed construction elements of individual objects have very different dimensions – from 4.00 to 12.00 m height, which is why the Alfa system, in which we can distinguish 14 panel widths, allowed for perfect adjustment to given dimensions while reducing the use of wooden elements by building, which has considerable importance for the face of architectural concrete.
The load-bearing structures of a large part of the objects are complex, mainly based on prefabricated MG type prestressed concrete beams. The technology of making such constructions assumes the construction of bridgeheads, intermediate pillars and their caps in the first stage. Then the beams are supported on the pillars and the bridge plate is made. This order of works, construction height up to 8.00 m and a high load on all components forced the support of supports with supports PAL-MAX type – a system of high-bearing supports, with light elements of simple assembly.