New Łódź Fabryczna

Oddział Centralny

One of the recent interesting implementation of Palisander formwork is just emerging Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station. It is the largest such structure in Poland, where approximetly 750 000 thousand m3 of concrete will be used (3 times more than the construction of the National Stadium). The whole project occupies almost 24 hectares in the city center. At its widest point it will extend to over 700 m. Our heavy-duty wall system Mammut (fresh concrete pressure to 100kN / m2) is used in construction of a two-chamber tunnel, by which in the future trains will arrive at the underground station Łodź Fabryczna (8 meters below the ground surface). Tunnel will be executed in under-ceiling technology , and its structural elements will be diaphragm walls with a thickness of 0.8 m to 1 m, reinforced concrete bottom plate (thickness 1.2 m) and the upper slab – expander. By the end of this year slab pouring of the underground railway will take place – the thickness of the slab is approx. 120 cm.