Ring road of Inowrocław

Oddział Zachód

Ring road of Inowrocław with a length of nearly 19 km will bypass the city from the east and significantly shorten the travel time on the route between cities Toruń and Poznań. The investment in the “Design and Build” involves the construction of three interchanges ( “Latkowo”, “Jacewo” and “Tupadły”), several engineering facilities, as well as reconstruction of the existing road network and the construction of many objects related to environmental protection. First stage of the investment started in October 2015 with construction of the road section connecting national roads No. 15 and 25.
West Branch of Palisander provided for the investment formwork systems as: Mammut and Logo on the foundations and supports and round formwork PAL-SO with diameter of Ø 100 and Ø 120 cm to perform pillars, towers ID 15 and MEP props as a function of the towers of scaffolding carrier and system PAL-BS and PAL-20 for the construction of the grid. The contractor task – in addition to meeting of construction and technical requirements – was to achieve a high-quality architectural concrete surface. Difficulty implementation of these guidelines was increased by additional criteria of symmetrical layout of plates and tie rods. Used formwork Logo (70 kN/m²) has allowed the realization of architectural concrete surface at abutments walls on the object with a height of over 6 m without additional surfaces such as mats or attached additional plywood to the formwork.